Welcome to REMODELING World of Hakuhoudo
Our proud past and bright outlook for the future…

Hakuhoudo was established by Eijiro Suzuki as an interior designer back in 1936. In 1960, its interior sector was enlarged to successfully deal with the ever increasing need for total household business. In 1962, Hakuhoudo obtained an official license and many qualified staff joined us and we grew to a registered industry company.

In 1978, we moved to where we are now. In our show room on the first floor, we run a consultant office where we propose cozy and more delightful home life environments. We also started house > remodeling sector in our company. We are now the industry leader in Japan, with significant influence over the national industry organization.

Why not drop in our office and see what we have to offer for you…
You sure will feel sorry if you have not done so!

Please find below what we can do for you, with confidence.

1. Total interior designing and works
Homes, shops, offices…we boast of our 20 years' experience in this field.

2. Construction designing and works
We opened our first class construction engineer's office in 1999 and have built many
homes and office buildings since.

3. Curtains, blinds and accordion curtains
It is many years now since we took these interior elements into our main business sector, with great success.

4. Carpets, plastic flooring and works
These are part of our proud business sector since Hakuhoudo was established.

5. Wallpaper of all kinds
For a long time now, we have been supplying to the market such items as Japanese papers, high class textiles, wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper, all at very high technical standards.

6. Sliding doors
We manufacture sliding doors, hanging pictures, folding screens and do re-papering… And all these have been going on with reputation since Hakuhoudo's birth.

Please come and see us for anything on housing. Our specialist and experienced staff will resolve any problems you might have on your home life environments.

Please contact the following NOW!

E-mail: info@hakuhoudo.co.jp
Name of company and address: Hakuhoudo Hyosoten
〒150-0011 Hakuhoudo Building, 2-23-14, Higashi,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
We are dedicated to more delightful, spacious, convenient and clean way of life for you all!
Any troubles on your home and interior design…
Remodeling, extension and reconstruction of house and building a new house.
Your accommodation while your house is under re-construction.
Universal design, works involved and duration of works…
Please consult us whenever you please and let us hear your requests, ideas and wishes.
Our staff would listen to you carefully and earnestly.
If you wish, we will make several "proposals" based on your story and we will talk as we
look at the proposals, so that you may understand everything far better…
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